Marathon Special Products

Global Supply Services are authorised distributors for Marathon Special Products.

marathon special products

What are Marathon Special Products?

Marathon special products are a US based brand- part of the Regal Beloit Corporation who have been in the electrical/ electronic component industry since 1955.

They offer  fuse holders, power blocks and terminal blocks of the highest quality. Their ability to mold, stamp and assemble all their parts make them unique in the industry.

Marathon users know they can depend of this brand name for tough and reliable performance.

How can GSS help with Marathon Special Products?

With a long-standing history in the electronics sector, Global Supply
Services works closely with OEMs to leverage additional cost-savings
and efficiencies from their supply chain, with a special focus on
electronic, electrical and electromechanical parts and accessories.

Global Supply Services became a trusted franchise distributor of Marathon Special Products in 2014.

As an authorised distributor for Marathon outside of the Americas, Global Supply Services (GSS) is able to provide you with a comprehensive range of Marathon’s specialist terminal blocks and accessories.

We will work with you to supply you with what you needs in the quantity you need it in- all while avoiding long lead times and production backlogs.

To enquire about a product’s availability or price, please click on the button below to contact us. 

Marathon Special Products
Marathon special products
Marathon special products
Marathon special products

What do we stock?

We stock the following Marathon Special Products:

  • Barrier Terminal Blocks
  • Deadfront Terminal Blocks
  • Double Row Terminal Blocks
  • Military Class Terminal Blocks
  • Motor Terminal Blocks
  • Sectional Terminal Blocks
  • Single Row Terminal Blocks
  • Studded Terminal Blocks