What is Logistics Management

What is Logistics Management

One of Global Supply Services’ many skills is logistics management. Here’s a quick recap of what’s involved:

Part of the supply chain process

Logistics management is the process of – you guessed it – managing logistics. It is a section of the supply chain management process, and revolves around the management of a company’s inventory, transportation, production and returns.

People who specialise in this field are called Logisticians and can work in any industry that features a supply chain, right across the spectrum from electronic components to food and perishables. Logistics is an essential part of the supply chain as it can impact procurement, delivery times and, eventually, customer experience.

Types of logistics management

There are four main areas of logistics management, each focused on a different step in the supply chain process.

The first type is the logistical management of supplies, which is the stage that materials are obtained and the timings that certain items are required for are organised. This stage also transports and evaluates the stock.

Distribution and material movement is the next type, which involves the loading, transportation and unloading of stored materials and tracing of the stock. After that comes production which manages the process of putting together a product, and making sure all of the materials are in the right place at the right time for production.

The final type is the logistics management of returns, which is to do with when materials have to be removed from a production site or unwanted products are returned by the end customer.

Why is it important?

Logisticians always should have the aim of keeping the customer happy, if they are outsourcing their logistics, they will expect management to be on time, effective and informative. Risk anticipation is a must and having backup plans if/when things go wrong.

To retain customers the standard must be high, and to be better than competitors logisticians have to offer the best delivery times, the best communications and the best quality. Transparency will also be important to a customer, if they’re letting someone else take charge of part of their supply chain they will want to know what’s going on.

The team at Global Supply Services specialise in supply chain management and can offer the highest quality for their customers. For logistical expertise and enviable supply chain management, contact Global Supply Services today at sales@global-supply-services.com.

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  • On March 24, 2022
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